Sabian 8″ AAX Aero Splash Cymbal


Sabian 8″ AAX Aero Splash Cymbal Features:

  • Sits At The Halfway Point On The White-Noise Spectrum
  • More Natural Decay Than O-Zone Splashes
  • Higher White-Noise Content Than AAX Air Splashes
  • Musical & Durable B20 Bronze
  • Multiple Small-Hole Pattern
  • Traditional Finish


Sabian 8″ AAX Aero Splash Cymbal

All about high-end cut, 8″ AAX Aero Splashes decay more naturally than SABIAN O-Zone splashes, but their multiple small-hole pattern design delivers a higher density of white noise concentration than the AAX Air Splash. If you’re looking for the perfect blend of musical effect with white noise, the Aero Splash may just be the ideal choice! SABIAN is committed to creating the widest, most innovative range of sounds on the planet, giving drummers more choice in creating their sound.


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