Orange OB1-300C 300-Watt 1×15″ Bass Guitar Combo Amplifier


Orange OB1-300 Combo Bass Amplifier Features at a Glance:

  • A single-channel bass combo that acts like a bi-amped rig
  • Clean side of the amp has a 3-band active EQ
  • Gain control affects the upper harmonics of your sound
  • All-analog signal path with Class AB power amp
  • Footswitchable blend and gain controls mix your clean and dirty sound
  • Active/passive switch is great for using various basses
  • Balanced DI out for feeding your signal to a mixer or PA
  • 15″ neodymium speaker keeps the combo’s weight manageable
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Bi-amped Bass Sounds with a Single Combo

In the Orange OB1-300 Combo 300-watt bass amplifier, Orange took the popular bi-amp system, using both bass and guitar amps for a wide range of tone and overdrive tones, and placed it into a single 1 x 15″ bass amp. The OB1-300 Combo sports a 3-band active EQ to fine-tune your tone. And the pairing of a gain and blend control lets you add overdrive to the upper harmonics and mix it with your unaffected signal to get plenty of grind without losing your low end. The OB1-300 Combo bass amplifier can create a monstrous wall of bass tone.

Bi-amped flexibility in a single-channel amp

For decades, bass players have been using bass amps and guitar amps together to create huge sounds. The bass amp keeps the lows fat and clean, while the guitar amp adds grit and extra harmonic content to the top of the signal. The Orange OB1-300 Combo gives you all the sound and flexibility of this rig in a single unit. Its all-analog circuitry starts by sending your bass signal down two separate paths. One goes to a powerful 3-band active EQ for detailed tone sculpting, and the other goes through the amp’s gain circuit to be blended back together further down the line.

All the convenience of a combo

The 300-watt power section of Orange’s OB1-300 Combo helps it give the refrigerator-sized bass amp stacks a run for their money onstage. But you’ll be very glad you went with this amp when it comes time to load in or out because of its more compact design. A 15″ neodymium speaker also helps keep the overall weight of the unit down. And if you want a larger stage sound, you just need to use the 8-ohm speaker output on the back to add another cabinet for the full stack experience.

Ready for stage and studio

The Orange OB1-300 Combo bass amplifier is ready for both stage and studio. It boasts a 1/4″ line-out and a balanced DI out – a feature Sweetwater’s bass players find really handy – for running direct to the house, recorders, and more. And a front-panel active/passive control lets you switch between your favorite basses seamlessly without overpowering the amp’s front end. The flexibility of the Orange OB1-300 Combo ensures that you can use it at any gig, rehearsal, or studio date.


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