Orange PPC108 20Watt Guitar Cabinet – Black


Orange PPC108 1 x 8″ Guitar Speaker Cabinet Features:

  • Special-design 8″ speakers for that classic British tone
  • 20 watts at 8 ohms
  • Rugged construction and manufacturing techniques


Orange Sound in a Tiny Package

Killer Orange tone doesn’t have to come from massive rigs. The range PPC108 guitar speaker cabinet clocks in at just over 10″ across. Designed to be coupled with the orange MicroTerror guitar amp head, the PPC108 houses a special-design 8″ speaker for punchy tone. The same rugged construction used with larger Orange cabinets was used on the PPC108. And the same cool orange Tolex, basketweave grille cloth, crest, and badge identify this cab as distinctly Orange. If you have the Orange MicroTerror head, then you need the Orange PPC108 guitar speaker cabinet. Grab one and start rocking today!


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