Sabian XSR 16″ Fast Stax Cymbal Stack


Sabian XSR Fast Stax Effects Cymbal Features :

  • Sabian XSR Fast Stax Is Designed With A 13″ X-celerator Top Over A 16″ XSR Chinese
  • XSR Fast Stax Always Retains Its Sizzle & Volume, Never Getting Too Tight
  • 13″ X-Celerator Cymbal With Air Wave Edge For Added Volume
  • Sizzle & Volume Are Easily Controlled By Simply Tightening Down The Cymbal Felt
  • Material : B20 Medium-Heavy Weight


Sabian XSR 16″ Fast Stax Cymbal Stack

A thin weight 13″ X-Celerator top over a high-profile, wide-lipped 16″ Chinese bottom makes the XSR Fast Stax a cymbal stack that delivers plenty of pop and attack. The Air Wave edge eliminates airlock for increased volume, and the extra-wide lip of the 16″ Chinese accommodates the 13″ top snugly for clarity and attack. Without airlock, the XSR Fast Stax always retains its sizzle and volume, never getting too tight; however, sizzle and volume are easily controlled by simply tightening down the cymbal felt.


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