Orange Terror Bass 500-Watt Hybrid Tube Bass Amplifier Head


Orange Terror Bass 500-watt Hybrid Bass Amplifier Head Features:

  • The legacy of the AD200, now in a smaller lunchbox platform
  • Hybrid tube and Class D technology deliver an impressive 500 watts at 4 ohms
  • Valve input stage and FX loop send infuse your bass and stomps with real tube goodness
  • Pad switch — accommodates active and passive basses
  • Clean switch — crystalline cleans at the flick of a switch
  • Post-EQ/Volume XLR balanced output injects your sound into a PA or recording medium
  • XLR Ground Lift eliminates hum on legacy systems
  • Modern, locking speakON outputs (8 and 4 ohms) offer maximum stage stability
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500-watt Hybrid Tube Amp — Inspired by the AD200

Hybrid tube/solid-state technology gives new life and a smaller footprint — just 12″ long and only 10 lbs. in the hand — to the AD200 bass amp legacy. The Orange Terror Bass outputs an impressive 500 watts (at 4 ohms) of AD200-inspired tone courtesy of its efficient Class D power amp. Yet a tube input stage (12AX7) and an FX loop send (12AT7) infuse your bass and floor FX with creamy, velvety Orange saturation. A generous onboard 3-band EQ section with plenty of cut and boost is able to smooth out or agitate your bass to taste. Enhancements over the AD200 design include Clean and Pad switches to accommodate active basses and lighter tastes. You also get a post-EQ and post-saturation XLR balanced output to inject all that valve goodness directly into a house PA or recording system.

Tube preamp and FX send

Tube stages at the Terror Bass’s input (a 12AX7) and FX loop send (a 12AT7) infuse your bass with rich valve saturation. Use moderately for tube warmth and top-end bite, or crank up for full-on distortion characteristics.

Class D power section

Class D power amps have significantly sheared weight and size from many of our favorite instruments amps and PA systems. A 500-watt power section* in the Terror Bass gives live performers plenty of horsepower for the stage, all in a lightweight and rugged lunchbox chassis that’s made for hauling.

*500 watts at 4 ohms; 250 watts at 8 ohms


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