Casio SA-51 Mini 32-Keys Portable Keyboard


Casio SA51 Mini Keyboard Features :
  • Octave shift: Raise or lower the pitch of notes in octaves to cover a wide range of registers
  • Tuning: Adjust the tuning in 1Hz increments to match other instruments or vocals
  • Transpose: Raise or lower notes in semitone steps
  • Metronome: Useful for practicing playing at a constant tempo
  • Tempo adjustment: Change the tempo of the rhythm and metronome to suit the music
  • Reverb: Adds a reverberation effect to the sound for a broader range of musical expression
  • Maximum 32-note polyphony: Designed so that keys will sound even when many others are played at the same time
  • LCD screen: Everything you need to know in one place


Great Value: This¬†Casio keyboard offers quality at an affordable price point. It’s perfect for those looking to dip their toes into music for your kids!


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